Magic Words are the most common words in English and are the most important words in learning to read.

Magic 100 Words make up half of all the words in reading.

These best-selling Magic Words cards are ideal for playing at home and school to learn the most important words in reading.


Magic 100 Words (1-100 words) make up 50% of the words in reading.


Magic 200 Words (101-200 words) make up 65% of the words in reading.


Magic 300 Words (201-300 words) make up 70% of the words used in reading.


Learning the Magic Words rapidly improves reading, increases fluency and develops comprehension.


Why Magic Words

Learning the 100 most commonly occurring words in English is essential to every child's reading success.


The top 100 most common words make up ½ of all reading.


Words like “the”, “a”, “and” are in every book, paper and magazine.


12 Golden Words are the most common words in all reading and make up 1/4 or one in every four words.


Learning the 12 Golden Words allows children to begin reading little books. Children can begin reading small repetitious books, using the pictures, like “This is a dog”. “This is a cat”. “This is a bird”.


How to use Magic Words

Locate the Magic Words from your child's book or the Magic Words sheet; then select the matching words, from the set of Magic Words Playing Cards. 


Match the Magic Words Playing Cards to the book, so that your child can see that the same words are in their book (see image). 

Choose about 12 words from the book or from the Magic Words sheet and begin playing the Magic Words card games - Magic Memory (all time favourite), Wish, Guess What Word and many more. 

Play games with the Magic Words Playing Cards often, so that your child can quickly and easily master all the words.  


All of the Magic Words, in their colours and levels, are contained in the set of Magic Words Playing Cards.

Children can immediately move on to new words and levels at any time.


How we began

Magic Words began on the kitchen table when Marcella was playing games to teach her three young children how to read.

Marcella researched and found the most important words in learning to read. 

Using an old set of QANTAS (Australia's National Airline) Playing Cards with the words stuck on the face, she began inventing fun and exciting ways to engage her children in playing card games with these 100 most important words. The aim was to play for short periods of time, often, so that the children would be able to remember the words automatically. They began calling these words the "Magic Words" because they were in every book, magazine and newspaper and just "magically" appeared in everything they read!



Marcella Reiter is the author and creator of the Magic Words.  She is an experienced Classroom Teacher, Education Consultant and Psychologist.

She has extensive experience in primary, secondary and tertiary settings both in Australia and overseas.

Marcella has worked for State and Catholic Education Systems in advisory and coaching roles.  She has worked on Professional Learning Teams with many organisations, including, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Heinemann, Education Queensland, Rigby, Distance Education, and on the Professional Development for Visible Learning with Professor John Hattie.

She is the creator and author of Magic Words which is now used in schools throughout Australia and internationally.


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