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Magic Words® Literacy Resource manuals and Playing Cards are designed to reinforce, consolidate and extend mastery of the most frequently used words in English. The exciting Magic Words® card games and activities concentrate a student’s attention on the most commonly used words, providing him or her with immediate command of approximately 70%, on average, of all words used in reading and writing.

See Magic Words® Wheel graph for the new levels.

Magic Words® undertook a meta-analysis of research into high-frequency words to determine the highest value set of words possible. This research, based upon the most current data, was distilled, calibrated and analysed to produce the Magic Words® word list, which is believed to be the best collection of high-frequency words available. This unique compilation of words has been divided into statistically significant collections presented as coloured levels (see Magic Words® Wheel).

The Magic Words® team continues to examine studies into high-frequency words, paving the way for more Magic Words® collections.

The Magic Words® Literacy Resource manuals, together with the Magic Words® Playing Cards, provide teachers and parents with hundreds of simple, easy-to-use literacy activities to:

• rapidly improve reading

• increase fluency

• develop comprehension

Magic Words® Wheel

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