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Swap original for new!

Swap an original edition (2000,  2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2011 or 2015) of the Magic 100 Words Literacy Manual for a new revised and updated 2018 edition for a limited time at half price.

Return original (trade-in) editions to:

P O Box 5222, Mordialloc, Vic, 3195

Upon receipt of the original (trade-in) we will dispatch your new 2018 edition, Magic 100 Words Literacy Resource Manual.

*Please note that only  2000,  2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2011 or 2015 Editions will be replaced.

The revised and updated  M100W Magic 100 Words Literacy Resource Manual (2018) features a new and updated ranking to the Magic Words Wordlist.

The Magic 100 Words Literacy Resource Manual, together with the Magic 100 Words Playing Cards, are the ideal resource for effectively engaging and teaching children who are learning to read, write and spell these high frequency words.

The Magic 100 Words Literacy Resource Manual, contains master sheets designed to be printed onto coloured paper for the targeted, explicit, systematic teaching of these most important words in reading and writing. It includes word lists, sentence pyramids, opposites, homophones, onset and rime, compound words, contractions, personal dictionary, Wizards and Lizards board game, Magic Words Weekly Spelling, certificates for each level of words, Magic Words Assessment Sheets and Record Forms and many more activities to learn the Magic 100 Words.

80% of Australian Primary Schools are now using Magic Words!

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